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UAP | May 23, 2022

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Paina Dumitru

Paina Dumitru
Adresa: Calea Timişorii Nr. 4, Arad, 310245, Arad – România
Tel: +40257.287.069, Mobil: +40745.467.596

Aşteptări UE - bronz

Aşteptări UE – bronz

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Dumitru Paina or the nostalgia of the perenity

Paina’s sculpture offers us a few big themes , a few motifs that live their experiences metamorphosing their bodies through a series of “reincarnations”, of passing from a material to another, giving to perception new plastic valences. These motifs: the couple, the germination, the fruit, the tree, the corolla, the family and many others, contain, implicitly, a symbology of the number. Number 1 is found in the monoaxial work “Capital”. In his series of couples, maternities and motifs number 2 is involved. “The Couple”, especially through its nature, supposes the double nature, the intense dialectics of masculine and feminine principles. This exerts its suggestion power through an interior tension resulted from the formal relation between the couple modules. The formal polarization offers to perception the space-time development potentiality of a dynamics of the contraries, a kind of expression of the two vital elements yang and yin towards a virtual state of grace.
Dumitru Paina is the supporter of a robust and vigorous sculpture but which contains both tenderness and affection, and virile roughness and ondulations of gentle volumes. He is at the same time the supporter of the perenity idea performance which is combined with eternity. This is proved by the way he approaches the language of sculpture and also by the durability of the materials which he operate; marble, granite, oak, bronze. In a world of the moment’s culture, Dumitru Paina lives tenaciously and with the silent obstinacy the nostalgia of perenniality…..

By Onisim Colta, 2004

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