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UAP | September 27, 2022

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Petrișor Gabriela Laura

Petrișor Gabriela Laura
Adresa: strada Calea Floreşti, nr. 60, ap. 160 – Cluj-Napoca – România
Tel: +40740.986.703

Critica Mitului-Mith CriticismFotografie imprimată pe hârtie-Photography printed on paper - 43x30 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Means of used expression is and remains photography. Artistic related issues through photography, behind the object and form defies conventional limits of plastic language.
Subject matter is always chosen from a surrealist dream, fragmenting and juxtaposing subject and form.
Selected symbols in works are borrowed from bygone civilization like: spiral- labyrinth as a process of initiation, tree of life, the solar disk as an image that is reinventing itself metaphorically, acquiring contemporary speech.
For the final expression of the theme, expressed symbolism is a permanent source of research, which reinvents itself and receives new aesthetic connotations in photography work done.
Representation technique of photography is always unconventional experimentation and innovation in playing an ideal image which is born in subsconstient.

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