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UAP | July 7, 2022

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Popescu Șerban

Serban Popescu
Popescu Șerban
Adresa: Str, Maior Gh Sontu, nr.7, bloc C3, scara A, ap 5, Ploiești – România
Tel: +40744 309 461

Natura statica 70x70 cm Acril pe panza Static nature 70x70 cm Acrylic on canvas jpg

Static nature-70×70-cm-Acrylic on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

For Serban Popescu the artwork is the result of a long drawn process of creation that lies in the transformation of natural forms seemingly trivial (fish, birds, fruits, utilitarian ceramics, etc.) in a balanced, harmonious and expressive aesthetic value. We witness a clear equation relationship between nature and the image of his own sensibilities. The dominant color is for the painter, a set of gentle grays, moving more horizontally and vertically and less in depth of the picture. Serban Popescu does not afford aesthetic innovations without coverage, the plan reveals that monumentalist both compositionally and technically, thing that does not make it less interesting, but to operate indeed naturally and convey his message certainly as a state – a communication of one painter’s universe.

Ion Pantilie

In Serban Popescu’s work, there is a tension between solid design, namely between logic and robust construction painting, but not the less between the evanescence of chromatic iridescent, which remind of the fluidity and the refinement of Bonnard. As painter topics give you the impression of an unaltered archaeological quotation, immune to equilibrium oscillations, Serban Popescu’s art appears in its entirety, dedicated to sustainability.

Virgil Poleacu

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