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UAP | December 7, 2021

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Stratulat Mariana

Stratulat Mariana
Mariana Sratulat
Stratulat Mariana
Adresa: Str. Buridava nr. 12, bl. R7, sc. B, ap. 6, Iași – România
Tel: +40741 732 974

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Nocturnă, peniță-tuș, 70x80 cm  Night, ink-pen, 70x80 cm

Night, inkpen, 70×80 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Marked during the years of her artistic formation by the professional and artistic authority of Francisc Bartok and Dan Hatmanu, Mariana Stratulat distanced herself in time from mentors, naturally her artistic performance giving her the opportunity to fulfill her own identity. The reflexive lyrical disponibilities allow her a vision where in equal proportions sensitivity and feeling meet, both of them being marked by a subtle art of drawing and a temperamental chromatism.
The fine spirit of graphics with a gracial duct wich charms its oriental air, the spontaneity of certain portraits and compositions (Senzuală, Enigmă, Arcuire, Liniștea nopții) reveal the capacity to build in metaphor or in abstract, the same technique being found in painting as well. The line is naming it the idea is giving it meaning. This is a special relationship.

Valentin Ciucă – Un secol de arte frumoase la Iași
ed. ARTXXI, Iași, 2004, pag. 386-388

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