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UAP | August 19, 2022

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Szabo Alexandru

Szabo Alexandru
Adresa: Str. 22 Decembrie Bl.T14, Sc.C, Ap. 12, Vişeu de Sus, Jud. Maramureş – România

 Virtaliul castelului - The castle’s stained glass widous


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“…the major concern of the artist is to perform cutouts and citations after the old masters, looking through the window of Renaissance at Botticelli and Durer ,and elaborately capturing major themes from history of art as to be able to create a world in which the time is stopped between two beatings of a butterfly wings .
Here we can find the stream-time, lazy in its way to the ocean, and the time like a cloud drift, and the iceberg-time, and the “big-bang” time.
In fact, there is only a time, the artist’s time…Alexandru Szabo’s creation is placed under the sign of the magic realism and mannerism, because in his perception this is the only way to overcome the usual boundary of those who can dream the impossible and also to be situated beyond this border, in the world of ones who can make the impossible a new way of living, thus giving the dream the legitimacy of reality.”
Gyuri Kazar

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