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UAP | September 27, 2022

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Tănase Florica

Tănase Florica
Adresa: Şos. Olteniţei, Nr. 178A, bl. 2, ap. 32, sector 4 – Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40727.218.171

Poarta aripilor-Gate of wingslemn colorat şi sticlă pictată-coloured wood, painted glass - 22x55x22 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

The SIGNS I am bringing in art express the very aesthetic pleasure of projecting infinite into finite; they are nothing more than humble attempts to re-create eternity from the transient elements of our world.
My artworks – mostly made of mixed technics (painted wood, coloured glass, etc.) –are visualized interpretations of the archetypal truths and they are ready to make easier the looker`s reflexion (that is a ritual of rehearsing life, after all).
Deeply rooted in a germinativ abstractionism, my formal stylistics is however representational and clear, what is conducting the looker`s imaginary and sensibility to the spiritual area of meaning.
I am not promoting thesist art, so I try to keep myself into the intimacy of those dreams and anguish that bring people together, because we cannot attain a complete image of being but we can long for the innermost images of primordial logos.

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