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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Toncian Titu

Titu Toncian 2
Toncian Titu
Adresa: Str. Donath, nr.44, ap.20, Cluj Napoca – România
Tel: +4

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Prezentare Demers Artistic

I used the experiment as a research and investigations method, permanently maintaining an open-minded attitude (without any political or commercial obligations), with a direction, with a precise purpose, namely, the synchronization with the spirit of the times, with the international art.
My work creates a pluralist formal writing, a hybrid, in an eclectic mixture of elements and data. We deal with an approach that goes beyond the frontiers between different artistic genres, allowing us to use the postmodern critic terms of an impurity of the apparatus and of the iconography.
My works belong to symbols, thematic cycles which have obsessed me along the time: book, sieve, mirror, fountain, human archetype, ark, etc, themes which consisted in a continuous preoccupation and to which I tried, with the artistic media at my reach, to give birth, solutions, answers and a meaning.

The artistic existence and procession in the postmodern spell submit to certain informative actions, which are valid and, on the other hand, which can be applied to any historic period: – of decay to a spiritual minor, characterized by devaluation, degradation, artificiality, kitsch, immediacy, obscenity; – of raising to a superior floor, to a major cultural stage, defined by spiritual balance, transcendence, mystery, inventiveness, particularity, consistency, density and value.
Titu Toncian

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