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UAP | January 19, 2022

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Unțanu Maria

Unțanu Maria
Adresa: Str. Ialomiței, Bl. B 37, sc. B, ap. 29, Slobozia – România
Tel: +40728.198.448
web: ,

Gest-Gesture - tehnică mixtă-mixed technique 54x26 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Art is silence
Maria Untanu’s graphics are a form of reevaluating her personal experience by relating to her path in this world; the same face transfigured in different attitudes, some reflecting a dignity unknown to the human being, others reflecting a deep sadness, reveals a metamorphosis of the figure itself – often explicit, without exposing it to a detailed examination. The gestures that the artist manages to imprint upon the ego are highly assumed, the moves break the rule of the motionless state and, if there is an aesthetic of silence, here is the perfect place to affirm that Maria Untanu’s graphics go beyond the therapy stage needed in uncovering the human being through meditation and contemplation. She converts her art in the silence defined by Osho as that space where man awakens.
Ana Amelia Dinca

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