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UAP | May 23, 2022

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Vasilendiuc Serge

Vasilendiuc Serge
Vasilendiuc Serge
Vasilendiuc Serge
Adresa: os. Na Lotnisku 21/45, Cracovia – Polonia
Tel: +48 12345 47 58, +48 799 226 789

2012 - coursegoules-chemin-du-colombier

Coursegoules, Chemin du Colombier, oil on canvas, 60×60 cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

(…) Serge Vasilendiuc delivers the artistic speech and there is no shortage of a certain “argotique” delight. At Vasilendiuc a man-artist is a powerful tool of creation: the world surrounding him is gradually keeping solidified and congruent shapes. This is the “metaphysics” of reality, an inscrutable synthesis, which a people cannot “register” with the expressivity of their demonic subjectivity. As “a man of the south”, he sees the congruent and happy world, he has a different perception of the universe, a stellar vision in his galactic dimension where his fragile human being sneaks up without fear. Dramas are not shown because they have not got the apocalyptic dimension. His universe is the space of a happy traveler, a sunny vision in the friendly smiling face expression. His recent experience of Italian journeys provide him with an indirect eternity of the Renaissance, through the intercession of the sensitivity of Italian artists of the “new objectivity” of Maffay, Marcoussis, Sironi, Marini and above all de Chirico, indomitable artists with the great self-confidence, in their inner power. Similarly to them, a demiurge does not seem to have “a complex” of the sinful and convulsive beauty of the North. And “a disease” of subjectivity did not affect him.
Vasile Radu, 2011

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