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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Antonina Manda

Antonina Manda
Adresa: Str. Dristorului nr. 97, Bucuresti – Romania
Tel: +40771 210 997
Thirst for knowledge, oil on canvas, 60×80 cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

The series of faces, representing her daughter, has notes of innocence and purity, embedded in the mystery of maternal love. For each work the artist finds elements of compositional diversity, organized according to professional rigor, from which the variety of the model’s experiences is not lacking. Using the plastic metaphor, Antonina Manda exceeds the technical data of the execution, leaving the poetic state to settle. This is accomplished by rendering Katyusha’s childhood moments: the journey, the presence of a toy, an animal, her feelings in certain moments of existence, such as suffering, wonder, sleep, and details showing gestures or fragility of anatomy, delicacy, femininity, the graphic of a lace of the dress or the pictoriality of a texture. Exceptionally, we see Katyusha smiling or laughing at her mother’s paintings, rather that the maturity of the gaze comes out. Using clearly obcure effects, Antonina Manda is careful about the gradual rendering of the light effects, but also with the strong contrasts of light and shadow, which implies a dramatic note imprinted by the possessed spaces of a certain tenebrous thing. Neither the dose of hyperrealism is left behind. Time and space compresses, the image data is rendered with a certain incisive detail, the ability of the painter going to the point of overlapping reality over the artistic image.

Ana Amelia Dincă,
art critic

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