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UAP | May 24, 2022

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Butnaru Mihai

Butnaru Mihai
Adresa: Str. Cornisa Bistritei nr. 26, sc. B, ap.14 – Bacău – România
Prezentare Demers Artistic

A Self-Portrait at the age of full maturity prezents us a caracter that always had cordial reports with the spirit of the impresionistic art. In the expresion of his own face does not make colour and spontaneity saving and he does not linger too much with the self-appreciation. The artist Mihai Butnaru has charm and his face expresses the cheerfulness of a creator free of an artistic curent or another. He is impressionistic, because he was born like thid and consequently hy has authenticity. The sincerity is, of course, a character feature and the loyality also. In the landscape he seem to have a protective shyness, he seems morestudied and more tempered even if, with a lower tonal note, he does note diminish the tension of a gladness. The Red Field, for exemple, suggests that nature begins to boil , this being the high reaction at the motiv. The Red Egg undelines the movement towards symbolical, by the image the viewar having the access to a double Christian connotation , The Genesis and The Ressurection. Neither the sculpture temptation has avoided him and the Great Stefan, credible in the order of vision and of plastic execution , has become the symbol of grandeur and courage at the entrance of an homonymus scool…

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