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UAP | November 27, 2022

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Csatlos Levente

Nistor Laurențiu
Csatlos Levente
Adresa: Str. Revoluţiei 23/2, Tg.Mures, Mureș – România
Tel: +40

web: ,

Visul - 90x90 cm - acril-pânză The dream - 90x90 cm - acrylic-canvas

The dream-90×90 cm. acrylic on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic
The atmosphere has changed my work , my painting became only now truly spontaneous and daring .
The color forms floating in the background, to join non-confrontational strong colors , create links that are interwoven lines and intersect.
The game becomes unconscious transitional space of figurative forms ( and not only ) in shaping the archaic , bumps and humps blade joins other world gathered countertransference feelings eye .
Reasons for early overlap and dissolve into each other . They are abstract works , with clear role as bold colors and counteracting white stain creates an image itself.
It should define my art, I could characterize a ” ismul ” any current . My paintings message is much more than can comprise a category of symbols.
My lines are always compact powerful memories collected and subjective feelings of tension , but I see my opposite bias rather intuitive artist , consider first the blade surface that authentic feeling equivalent improvisation play with plastic .

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