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UAP | December 4, 2022

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Fazekas Tiberiu

Nistor Laurențiu
Fazekas Tiberiu
Adresa: Bd. Corvin nr. 13/51 Hunedoara – România
Fosile - Fossils - tempera-hârtie - tempera-paper - 61 x 48 cm.
Fossils – tempera-paper – 61 x 48 cm.
Prezentare Demers Artistic

Fazakas Tibor is a kinetics artist, a scholar of visual architecture, imprinted with incredible scrupulousness, care and (pragmatic) defiance, challenge of symmetry, without offending the mathematics of space; on the contrary!
The composition is severe and mysterious at the same time, giving the onlooker a paradoxical stupefaction, amazement, sometimes aggressiveness, which, I believe, come from the artist’s ardour, passion to reconstruct, restore at genesis a world in which the spirit is the captive of form: yet the artist rejects the illusion of statics, as he superlatively knows, by revelation, that everything is BECOMING in the universe/cosmos…
The structures of this ingenious, terrific creator have something of the hermeneutics of crystals, if I may use a metaphor…
Diaphanous, translucent crystals emerge miraculously from his hand, like under a live laser.
A huge prodigious force, apparently incompatible with his laborious, determined spirit, makes me presume that Tibor Fazakas, in all likelihood, must have somewhere a kind of space cabin, a dead room, brightly lighted up, unbearably for ordinary eyes, where he, transfigured as a fabulous goldsmith, orbitally conducts the universe in numberless parallel dimensions…
The rich series of works, alternating, by years, tones, symmetries and kaleidoscopic games, can enrich wide-spreading collections, museums or ultramodern spaces…
It seems that the optical magician of this drawing resumes, in the colour of the summer rainbow, the mysterious light organ of a visionary captivated by his work till paroxysm…
Fazakas is also a composer of spectral imaginary imagery.
Eugen Evu

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