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UAP | May 22, 2022

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Galiş Petru

Galiş Petru
Adresa: strada J.S. Bach, nr. 29, Timișoara – România
Tel: +40722.801.137

Pictură neterminată numărul 141-Cărţile-Ulei pe pânză-120x140 cm-Unfinished Painting no 141 - The Books-Oil on canvas-120x140 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Undoubtedly, Petru Galiş is a lofty rational artist, a subtle spirit, able to express astonishing analytical capacities but also a keen sense of synthesis, at the same time. Whenever he decides to indulge himself to the gratious duet of finishes, of miniatural structural iridescences, Petru Galiş becomes a genuine performer. Also, when the painter contrives „incompleteness”, meant to be complete, he manages to succeed in his art.
We also find appealing the individual in association with the artist, because Petru Galiş shows a particular way of throwing himself into a beautiful game of language, either it is a self utterance, a speech about his art or another one, for instance the art of a highly respected artistic.
Gratiously using the art of calligraphy in his way to full maturity, the artist steers the initial sharp strength towards subdued sublimations. Obviously, his present-day paintings show a sort of elegance given by line, color, structure. Meanwhile, the composition emphasizes a specific refined ordering, in which the artist exceeds.
Concealed by the mask of „sobriety”, the artist subtly binds the virtues of a nostalgic modernism to the intended calophile elegance of clever creation and unrestrained playing.

Ciprian Radovan

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