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UAP | December 9, 2022

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Găvenea Ștefan

Nistor Laurențiu
Stefan Găvenea
Găvenea Ștefan
Adresa: Str. Foișorului, nr. 145a, București – România

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OAMENI ŞI CASE ÎN DELTA DUNĂRII, pictură pe sticlă, 40 cm x 35 cm - PEOPLE AND HOMES IN THE DANUBE DELTA, painting on glass, 40 cm x 35 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Through his images the spaces of reality are confronted by those of memory and imagination. For Ştefan Găvenea the Danube Delta means not only his birthplace by rights but also the reality of the primordial space, the mystery of genesis and the gravity of the present.
People merge into the flora and fauna, houses fade away quietly into the lush vegetation. Mystery floats over settlements and waters. Huge birds hover over the waters evoking the flight of angels. Images recall the essential myths of the perpetual genesis, of the eternal return, of the sacred locum, of the ever watching evil, legends and lore known or otherwise devised by the artist in his works laden with symbols.
A mysterious world fluid with rituals, traditions, and beliefs enhancing a few landmarks turned into recurrent symbols: the pub as the place for everyday meeting and communication –, the church – the place where the essential life moments are celebrated –, the fish – food, source of living –, the family home – the place to get back to –.
No matter which the technique employed – engraving, etching or glass painting –, the artist makes use of an amazing transgression from the certain to the possible to the fantastic.

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