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UAP | June 30, 2022

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Isache Daniela

Isache Daniela

Isache Daniela
Adresa: Str. C.Negri 16, bloc G5, Iaşi – România
Tel: +4076 921 979

Portrait of man, oil on canvas, 90 x 60 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Isache Daniela, painter

At almost one century since the manifestations of the first Expressionists, Daniela Isache considers that the Expressionist lesson has not exhausted its substance, through erosion. She continues to gloss on the portrait-mask theme, with the efficiency implied by this direction of expression. Her violent colours and vital painting suggest an imaginary fight against the derisory reality. Daniela Isache paints as she feels. She applies the Expressionist style without making any concession to the beautiful or decorative painting, with force and sometimes with despair. Exacerbation by dramatic expression of the motifs extracted from night phantasms starts insurmountable interrogations. Most often, she seeks the invisible, creating parallel realities, which are personalized according to the fictions she has access to. Her painting stresses on the diseases of this century. The connection between century diseases enters the social area, on the condition of suggesting a few things about the universe beside us. This universe is sometimes so marvelous, but also it can be terrifying. The world show is derisive, while Daniela Isache continues to pillory human horrors with force and repulsion.

VALENTIN CIUCĂ – Un secol de arte frumoase la Iaşi, ART XXl Publishing House, Iaşi, România, 2004

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