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UAP | August 18, 2022

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Lupșe Marcel

Marcel Lupse
Lupșe Marcel
Adresa: Str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 2, sc.A, ap. 18, Bistrița – România
Tel: +40722-339770, +40263-226479

ANGELICA, 100X150 cm, U_P, 2009

ANGELICA, 100X150 cm., oil on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

If we judge the artist considering their criteria of sensitiveness for one of the existing “regnum’s”, Lupse is without a doubt, a painter of the vegetal world. In his artworks one can observe, apart from the reason they where created or their thematically approach, an ever persisting obsession which is one of texture and of its infinite variants.
A dissociating but extremely analytical mind, he studies the depths of all sonorities of the “material” which is directly used or only displayed. The painter supports his discourse by means of the same elements specific to the vegetal world, whenever it comes to referring either to the cycle of “packages” or of “anthropomorphic models”, “chromatic structures”, or ”serially created compositions”.
And if the vegetal element is not used directly as in the case of the wooden board or direct display on the canvas, the substitute image will make hints at it. The symbols the creator invests with the texture, the rope, the glass blades, the haystack or the color itself which germinates and grows as a bunch of stems are but subtle forms of art used and also supporting elements to meditate on life.
Through image, the phytology fascination, facilitates the creator’s access to the tiniest detail and to the deepest form of reality. On a larger plan, it is an outstanding proof of the developing process of the whole. Because unlike in the common strategies used to create an composition, among the “touch” is important through association, we’ll notice that Lupse’s “touch” gets its own reality by self identification. This “touch”, before being secondary element, is the career of a message and the sign of a pre-existing meaning as well. Yet the oscillationmovement between the autonomy of the part and the aspiration is neither casual nor futile. Marcel Lupse has thus found the optimum space to value his skills.
An artist equally displaying a talent for monumental construction and an alert observing eye on limited spaces, he has discovered in the vegetal world a background with huge latencies in both directions. Here is the world in which he can show his potential as a researcher who watches it through the microscope and as an architect who jubilates around the big edifices neighborhood.
Pavel Susara

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