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UAP | October 18, 2021

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MAGIC OF FLUID FORMS @ Galateea  Contemporary Art

MAGIC OF FLUID FORMS @ Galateea  Contemporary Art
Galateea Contemporary Art invites you on Thursday, October 18,  2018, 7 pm to the opening of the ceramic exhibition  MAGIC OF FLUID FORMS by artist PALKÓ ERNEST from Cluj, Romania.

Curated by:Nicolae Moldovan

“The final form of his works bears the seal of the infinite, like the beings born from earth, taking the shape of halves or fragments of cylinders, resembling the ancient masks through their deformations and irregularities.
Thus, each silhouette is also a mask, and each mask can become a silhouette in Palkó Ernő’s vision.
Textures and themes of ancient art communicate in his works through abstract volumetries, deliberately deformed and resembling giant shells. As a result, we wonder if we are dealing with a modern artist, who has renounced the emblems of contemporary culture, or an ancient artist converted to modernism. Regardless of our answer, we are confronted with Palkó Ernő’s artistic achievement, whereby the avantgarde language is transformed into a relic which carries a mysterious insurgent potential”.

                                                                                Dr. Dan Breaz, Art Critic and Art Historian

Media partners: Observator Cultural, Modernism, Radio România Cultural, Senso TV – Arte, Agenția de Carte, Cultura, Art Clue.

The exhibition will be on display between October 18 and November 11, 2018.
Free entrance.