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UAP | August 19, 2022

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Moldovan Traian

Moldovan Traian
Adresa: Aleea Aurora Nr. 4 Ap. 11, 430132, Baia Mare – jud. Maramureş – România
Studio: str. Victoriei, nr 21, Baia Mare
Tel: +40744,533.969

Prezentare Demers Artistic

…What individualizes the sculpture of Traian Moldovan not only within his own generation, but also at the level of concerns meant to form into a contemporary way of justifying the passage bestowing meaning and duration upon human effort is the will to give delicate and credible shape to the eternal universal becoming. This way, the feeling of time’s and life’s permanent flowing becomes ubiquitous. (…)
…Undoubtedly, Traian Moldovan has reached a moment of procreative artistic affirmation proven by his admirable mastering of the means of configuration which for well over two decades have been subjected to a fertile process of clarification, bringing about individualization of vision and style, as was also noticed on the occasion of the anniversary exhibition opened at the Cluj Napoca National Art Museum. Considering everything in accordance with the nature of the marble sculptures perfected in the art camps of Baia Sprie and Cărbunari, now beneficially integrated in the public space, and also in accordance with the works in the artist’s studio as well as the three highly spiritualized compositions inserted in the significant synthesis of contemporary European art which makes up the tribute exhibition “Baia Mare Museum Centennial” (June 2004), we are once again assured of the depth and coherence of an artistic endeavour based on the excellent knowledge of the secrets of the matter which metamorphoses into subtle and suggestive, expressive substance. Clearly affiliated to the basic Romanian way of thinking and living, the Baia Mare sculptor addresses the world and eternity with the fresh breath of the pure spirit, carrier of poetry, brightness, vigour, and dignity. The sculpted shapes are striking and firm, but also mild, tender, savoury, bringing equal joy to the eye, the mind, and the soul owing to the purity and nobility of the human flux circulated in authentic postmodern language.
I n the magazine NORD LITERAR, Baia Mare
no. 7-8, 2004

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