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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Muresan-Buzilă Onița

Muresan-Buzilă Onița
Adresa: Cluj-Napoca – România
Tel: +40740.268.695

Simfonie in roz-Symphony in pink - ulei-pânză - oil-canvas - 130x80 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

In the magical crucible of painting, where the colors come to life and form pulsating shapes, Onita Muresan brings to light waves / echoes unattached decisively from the filigree / subtext of a presumed melancholy, and also the flashes of the nature forever’s zenith, signs of a brave, invigorating, artistically balanced personalities, which adds to an unexpected poetic sensibility very oriental, the inflections of a southern blood temper and above all a perseverance of an undoubtedly Teutonic origin.
Tributing painting as inevitable, a unique modus vivendi, and the garden, in a symbolic dimension of an assumed plastic destiny, unchanged by trends, patterns or capricious tyranny of public preferences, Onita Muresan may ask herself rhetorically, paraphrasing, bordering heresy, the poetic Pauline writings (Galatians, 2:20): “Do I live or does the garden live in me?
Livius George Ilea

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