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UAP | July 1, 2022

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Neculea Alice Ana

Neculea Alice Ana
Alice Ana Neculea
Neculea Alice Ana
Adresa: Str. tr. Mărășești, nr. 263, bl. 12 A, ap. 21, Ploiesti – România
Tel: +40745 366 234

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Prezentare Demers Artistic

The strength of her works seem to be the refined speech portraiture, full of savor, the stylistic verve polemical assertions against major trends in art portrait of various important periods. From the ancient Aegean Phayoum at Renaissance of Raphael and Velasquez, and from these to the baroque of Arcimboldo; and from the Venetians portraits, Flemish, or French mannerism to surrealism of Magritte and vehemently and deconstructive gestualism of Bacon!…
A memorable series probing the technical and composition availability of the protagonist, and artistic versatility, humor and fantasy imagery with decent strings, that make this unusual “portrait appeal” a visual spectacle open and attractive. The frankness, the artist’s professional skill and intelligence are therefore in full flow and witty post-modern attitude. But, I say, in a not enfatic way at all , temperate and rational, which morphs this exciting (in form and substance) of “Roundup characterological” staged by Alice Neculea, in a “a sui generis panorama mundi”. A world captured in gorgeous-grotesque her theatricality, in which the “Author” (to paraphrase Pirandelli in the end) started with such vivacity and boldness, but also with a charming shyness to do, in search of some exemplary symbolic “characters” from “our immediate neighborhood”.

Corneliu Antim

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