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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Pușcașu Lucia

Pușcașu Lucia
Pușcașu Lucia
Adresa: Str. Mărăşeşti, Nr. 34 A, Bl. T3,et. 5, Ap. 23, Suceava, Suceava – România
Tel: +40230.531.729, +40724.239.024

web: ,

DOLMENUL ROSU THE RED DOLMEN, Dimensiuni  180 -210 cm, Haute lisse,lina Haute lisse, wool.

THE RED DOLMEN-180×210 cm. Haute lisse wool

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Lucia Puşcaşu, has the voluptuousness and unrestrained power of over dimensionality; her compositions bear a definite confessional mark and are open paths toward her restless and disturbing spirit. Each sign represents a vital feature, the imprint of a long meditation that gives birth to ghosts and overlapped images. Lucia Puşcaşu evokes many animated symbols corresponding to different phases of meditating and introspecting. The symbols are reconstructed from memory through an immediate and sensitive writing. The artist proves a graphic designer vocation that she projects over tapestry and succeeds in transmitting the chromatic characteristics of a painted landscape. She plays with delicate shades on the same scale, but at the same time, has the courage to juxtapose strong colors on large decorative surface.
Dorana Caşoveanu, Bucharest, 3 October 1996

The artist Lucia Puşcaşu has a pictorial sensitivity, a figurative manner, somehow symbolic, and is always searching for something between the decorative expressiveness and significance. She subtly expresses, with an elegant discretion, the feeling that lead to the vast composition, from a calm whisper to dynamic tensions. Lucia Puşcaşu succeeds to show a complex structure, with vast and surprising interpretative possibilities and to convince within a tight selection.
Cornel Radu Constantinescu, Adevărul Literar şi Artistic, 24 October 1993

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