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UAP | October 24, 2020

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Radu Adrian

Radu Adrian
Adresa: Câmpulung Muscel – România
Tel: +40740.312.758

Încatușare - marmură-marble  - 80x290x45 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

In the Radu Adrian creation we frequently fiind aut the abstract shape centered on suggesting an idea, not giving up totally the figurative image.From the large nature gallery he selects only what he thinks can inspire an idea or support an opinion in the context of the great thruths leading our aesthetic inertia.He pays attention to any aspect of the environment carring in itself a symbol or suggesting a living, touchable grain of the life beautiful miracle.In this way he appeals to fiction for modeling the threedimensional shape or the flat one until the suggested idea becomes obvious.In most cases, if he does not use the abstract shape, he arrives by giving up all nonsignificant elements to the limit distinguishing the figurative and nonfigurative.He works aut the marble, stone, wood and bronze, interior sculpture or, more often monumental, exterior sculpture. S.H.

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