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UAP | November 29, 2022

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Radu Luminiţa

Nistor Laurențiu
Radu Luminiţa
Adresa: Str. Costache Negri, nr. 3, bl. 3, sc. A, ap. 13 – Bacău – România
Tel: +40722.487.651

La pas _ To step - tuş şi acril pe hârtie - ink and acrylic on paper - 30 x 30 cm.

To step – ink and acrylic on paper – 30 x 30 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Luminiţa Radu leaves, in her paintings and graphics, the impression that she is interested in discovering past and possible imaginary worlds, a notch or an old calendar, a lordly note or on a tombstone the artist deciphers successive layers of submission af statements that allow the illusory reading of fundamental documents. Plastic structures suggests the size of evasive, allusive and aleatory. Mental recoveries define original need of knowledge and projects possible horizons. Real structure that operates with are only graphics excuses in perpetual serious tones. Signs of this revolutionary time continue to be memorable presences and anticipate signs of lines combinations that animate the painted surface. Open windows to imaginary have the meaning of virtuality, of the potential. In general, by idea suggests,by forms’ structure, causes reflections…
Valentin Ciucă – “A Century of Fine Arts in Moldova” vol. I,
Iaşi, Botoşani, Neamţ, Bacău, Publishing ART XXI 2009

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