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UAP | May 24, 2022

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Sitaru Gabriel

Sitaru Gabriel
Adresa: Str. Erou Bogdan Vasile, Nr.19 Câmpina – România
Tel: +40244.372.445, +40720.540.196

Unitate primordială-Primary unit


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“What he could manage successfully till now- and this is one thing extremely important –is to make his sculptures to approach the spectator to understand them not just with the eyes but also with the soul.”
Dan Grigorescu
“The morphological universe of Gabriel Sitaru’s works oscillates between vaguely romantic aspirations with astral suggestion
and the selection of natural forms that thru their archetypal purity translate powerful wishes generalizing dreams of much more further.
This impression of refined formal pond its increased thru choosing materials whose normal weight it sublimates till to annihilation by processing technique,which leaves obviously just the idea.’’
Ruxandra Ionescu
“ The sculptor Gabriel Sitaru with a modestly impressive , presents us his works.
The general idea ,the simplicity of the forms seems like northen rocky bay in which the spirit has bath ,saved by the surrogate of daily existence.
He creates an ideal world ,nonconformist and breaths thru it.The love it senses in forms of a perpetual dedication.
You may discover here that apostle humility which can’t be converted to transient.”
Marta Barbulescu

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