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UAP | May 23, 2022

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Ştefănescu Ileana

Ştefănescu Ileana
Adresa: Str. Vrancei 24, Chitila, Jud. Ilfov
Tel: +40

A PiCiuRidiCA-To rise your foot  celuloză, plasa de sarma-cellulose,wire mesh - oil-canvas 70x110x60 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

The painter Ileana Stefanescu, knewn as Ilea Stefi from now on, is filling the vizual debating space, with dummy-es: o sort of carnivore orchid, made out of cellulose trash and cloudes of coloured wire. In this manner she obtaines posture of torso-us , remodelled in this paper filling. Buthaforic but also methaforic, is about magazines ( let’s believe is the glossy ones ) shreded , who’s grey mortar is transforming into skin for anathomic patterns. Splited apart, detached and quite cinetical , short headed faceless dames ”asambled” by Ile Stefi in Simeza Callery , acompanies the curl filled with narrative intrigues…
Aurelia Mocanu

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