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UAP | May 17, 2022

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Teleman Alina

Teleman Alina
Teleman Alina
Adresa: Str. Crângului nr. 15, Deva – România
Tel: +40744 535 573

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”Strada” 10x10cm – gravură, ac rece - ”The street” 10x10cm – engraving, drypoint

”The-street” 10×10 cm, engraving-drypoint

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Alina T. therefore seeks for ex-libris. Summary sign, emblem of a collection, of a family`s coat of arms, vanitas, the little ex libris requires a somehow restrictive frame, as it does the haiku poem or some other minimal poeticmanifestation that starts from a fixed form.
Alina Teleman enjoys the printed material and she obviously likes the drawing sign, the cold needle. Just now, when information, word or image, seems to prefer the wide valleys of the Internet and the virtual highways with manylanes. Just now when the print media market falls free  … The circulation of books, the printed sheet that, until recently, had a mass distribution, all these old practices are  replaced by refinement, limited editions and digital rushing. It seems that the era of newsprint, of textbook has ended, but it does n`t for Alina T., who seems to belong to those people that are not troubled at all by this trend of things. She is far from choosing pixels over the roughness of a sheet of paper. She belongs to those who thrive from being far from trends, using their time for clarification or play.
“The cat walked through the room and she pressed the button …”

Andrei Rosetti

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