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UAP | October 5, 2022

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Toma Viorel

Toma Viorel
Nistor Laurențiu
Toma Viorel
Toma Viorel
Adresa: Str. Gheorghe LAzar, nr. 36, sc. B, ap. 32, Timișoara – România
e-mail: vioreltomaa@yahoo.com


The First Day after the Apocalypse, oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

In this Information era, when the artist is being discovered along with the history of art’s Brownian movement within its ages and its relief, revisiting still life from the modern origins, is a gesture from the past, both adequate and nostalgic, yet so specific for Banat region, where the painting is in a permanent quest to perfection. A land of materialistic dreams, with an instinct for the methodical effort, with melancholies for leisure and comfort, with lost privileges in the mist of history after 1944, always under a suspicion for its prosperity, that defied even the economical disasters of the past regime, the region of Banat and especially its capital city, is by far a space of the free, individual spirit and of the strict order. As all communities find and assert themselves within times of prosperity, in Timisoara the petit bourgeois sense of taste is the most familiar.
In Toma’s painting, where the illusion is pushed towards the hypnotic perception; the sight sets itself in the middle of all things as a witness of a cumulative happiness. In the very diverse cultural landscape of the city, Viorel Toma differs by methodically remembering interior spaces from Timisoara or native Lugoj, the order of things, the miscellaneous styles of fin de siècle, eclecticism of tastes, the rustic or urban object, the very still life paintings dominating the interiors, hanging above the actual objects that are depicted, comfortable canvases from the mittel European realism…
Coriolan Babeti

website link: www.vioreltoma.ro/