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UAP | May 22, 2022

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Vioara Dinu

Vioara Dinu
Vioara Dinu
Vioara Dinu
Adresa: Str. Fabricii de Zahar, nr 165, Cluj Napoca – România
Tel: +40722 704 400

Duminica     darurilor V         ,65x28x28 cm        ,sticla , lemn - Gift day V, glass,wood

Gift day V, glasswood, 65x28x28- cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

The candent glass perfectly fits a wooden shape when the wood is passive and the glass is active. Through the continuous motion of the glass, there’s not enough time for the structure of the wood to become affected. The glass only affects the outer texture. The wooden surface becomes smooth and silky, as well as the surface of the glass.
If the candent glass lingers on the wooden surface, it begins to change the structure of the wood. The wood gains shapes and structures that become possible only after a direct contact with the candent glass. The glass cannot destroy the wood the way fire does, because its candent life is rather short.
By association, the wood and the glass influence each other. The wood receives either the fineness of the glass or the structure that the candent glass leaves behind, while the glass gains the shape of the wood.
The relationship between the glass and the wood resembles the relationship between the dancer and the music. At the end of the show, the dancer is the one who receives the ovation, he is the star, just like the glass object is usually admired in the end.
Alongside wood, the glass seems warmer, more lenient, its shapes are more valuable, its stories more believable. Alongside glass, the wood gains a certain nobility, borrowing a grain of aloofness from the glass, a certain smoothness and softness of shape – qualities one could hardly induce wood in solitude.
I believe that the red string that guides an artist is the idea, which is sovereign, and, as an artist, I need to discover the means and the tools close to my inner structure that can help me visually express something that dwells in my soul and my mind.

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