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UAP | May 23, 2022

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Zah Dorina

Zah Dorina
Zah Dorina
Zah Dorina
Adresa: Str. Timișorii, nr. 110, Bl. A1, Ap. 3, Lugoj – România
Tel: +40728 040 500

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Isus cu vita de vie,  60x60 cm. tempera pe lemn cu emlsie de ou si foita de aur

“Jesus vines, 60×60 cm. Emlsie tempera on wood with gold leaf and egg

Prezentare Demers Artistic

„What Dorina Zah offers us today, it’s an art placed in it’s individual matrix, it’s an art that found the dimension of the sacred, which shows that the artist knows how to cut it’s own will, doing only and only (…) Erminia’s will; it’s one of the hardest ways, hard to follow, and the artistic victory is difficult to perceive, because you must put it under a magnifying glass, because what the artist had sacrificed is it’s own vanity […]. In Dorina’s works we are impressed by their plasticity, by thier synthetic painting, by the evoking power of the colors, which do not step away at all form Erminia’s will. The artist, doing not her will, not looking for for vanity biased inspiration, so, not the showing of her own creative personality, but just holding it under pressure, which is equivalent with an act of asceticim; that’s how i would caracterize the whole effort of Dorina Zah.”

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