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UAP | December 9, 2022

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Zaiţ Mihai

Zaiţ Mihai
Nistor Laurențiu
Zaiț Mihai
Zaiţ Mihai
Adresa: B-dul TUDOR VLADIMIRESCU NR. 10, BL. P14, SC. A, ET. 2, AP. 9, Iași – România
Tel: +40742 196 994

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Aduceri aminte, neştiute căi, 40 x 28,5 cm, acuarela, Remembrances, unknown ways, 40 x 28,5 cm, watercolor

FOSILE-tapiserie-170x260cm. haute-lisse

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Mihai Zait has the vocation of watercolor painting. This observation comes naturally when you see his works.
Delicate and discreet, Mihai Zait belongs to the lyrics and avoids insubstantial rhetorical effects for gentle confessions. His watercolors have the tonal intensity of a whisper and the good nature of a generous man. They rely on the effect of an obvious synthetism of the forms within the framework and the impression of gentleness.
Delicacy fits well to a lyric and the phantasms can never change into cataclysms. It seems pleasant to wander among his watercolors, because you can have a meeting with yourself in the vast space of nature, among enchanting colored reveries.
In time discretion became a way of being among the others, a strategy of drawing attention without really wanting to. Taciturns say more than occasional talkative. He consolidates his creativity through exhibitions that do not mean great changes of direction, but enforce his style and vision.
His need to be himself started early in life, so we can speak of a stylistic touch Zait, his own esthetics in watercolor. He succeeded because the fluid and transparent watercolors can reveal his human and artistic path made of exemplary ethic and aesthetic values.

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