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UAP | November 28, 2022

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Arama Elena Ivona

Nistor Laurențiu
Arama Elena Ivona
Arama Elena Ivona
Adresa: Sf. Lazăr nr. 20, bl. K2, etj. 2, ap. 9, Iași – România
Tel: +40232 437 495 ; +4074 384 340

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Lucreția Filioreanu Dumitrascu

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Ivona Arama, art curator and creator had in the recent decades a remarkable performance as a specialist, illustrated by her personal research on Art in Moldova, specialized educational institutions through dozens of artistic exhibitions or collective author, thematic and interdisciplinary. What characterizes her work is related to professional rigor and ability to harness curatorial available assets, assets which she has investigated with profesionalism and offer original synthehis to the public. Expertise opinions in the field are always required when doubts or inconsistencies may occur. For example, careful study of the archives of the former School of Fine Arts in Iasi allowed her to identify early works, biographical new era or later echoes of famous artists or only partially known.
I have worked directly with Ivona Arama at major theme exhibitions, catalogues and exhibitions presentations. She has the professional and organizational capacity to make great events from the recovery of true artists of the past. She has a wide knowledge, also the ambition to exhaust the documentation process by giving maximum attention to every detail. Much wider cultural connections of art, museology and restoration techiques have given her a true authority.
Being a member on the Union of Artist in the art critics, is the reward of her career that contributes substantially to the national artistic heritage.
Valentin Ciucă
Membru UAP, Secţia de critică
Membru al AICA – UNESCO

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