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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Bandalac Olimpiu



Bandalac Olimpiu
Adresa: B-dul Ghica Tei, Nr.91, Bl.T32, Ap.29, București – România
Tel: +4021-614.828, +40722-614828

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Prezentare Demers Artistic
An artists’ workshop is always with him, irrespective of the physical space in which it is placed. This assertion rather regards the dimensions (Lilliputian) of my workshop, that made me look around even unconventional, solutions and areas, for my works. The computer provides me with the opportunity to search my own means of expression. The last years have brought a change also into my art, changing the register of creation towards a more emphasized introspection of the relation with the self and with the world.
My speech regarded, since 2000-2001, personal aspects of existence.
I have focused upon hidden experiences that I have not closely analyzed until now, for example my relation to the computer, a relation that is established between an artist and his means within the context of this continuous aggression of processed image – that surrounds you and perverts the contact with the nature; the contact with the workshop changes, the contact with your own self changes. Moreover, I searched more as far as the relation between sexes is concerned: what happens at a certain moment of life to the man and the woman, I came down where the “dreams” are, therefore I have started a speech quite personalized and difficult, which I haven’t displayed very much until now. The change was determined by a hostile environment, but it is not related to social hostility. I have noticed that in my life everything prevents me from being an artist, and this is a manner of defending myself, of keeping hidden a segment of my artist existence, which I analyze in solitude and taciturnity. I have had a series of revelations related to the great masterpieces of art and to museums, and this has made reflect upon the meanings of art.
I have tried to relate to these as in dialogue over time and all this alternation has made me understand that there are quite a few essential things one should be concerned with: the sense of the human existence, how the man evolves, to what extent nature and environment transforms him; the relation with the others; the relation with the divinity. What I am doing now are attentively selected things that I have brought to light with difficulty and I have put them into art.

Bandalac Olimpiu

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