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UAP | August 10, 2022

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Cernitu Aurora Speranţa

Cernitu Aurora-Speranta
Cernitu Aurora Speranţa
Adresa: Craiova – România

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Adam, 80×110 cm. oil on canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“The artistic becoming of Aurora Speranta has an obvious sentimental component in aproching the themes, the subjects as well as reflected in colors she uses. Many compositions with horses can be traced in her paintings, many characters that speaks about universal litterature such as Don Quijote or harlequins, tumblers that travel through corridors of castles, waring their destiny under courtier’s mask. All these characters are signs of life’s feelings. They compose an univers, a fabulos imagined one. It is a world where everything becomes possible. (…) The architectural style of buildings is surprising by its lively chromatic rythm and is made obvious by a special light. It is remarkable the heraldic air of Venitian constructions, made visible by the golden yellow and vermilion red which remind us about byzantine art.”
Florin Rogneanu
Director of the Museum of Art, Craiova

“The compositions of Aurora Speranţa prove her mastery in finding the true ways in highlighting each meaning, with the strong support she uses – the colors. Full of passion, lively or deep and cold, subtle when they have to, the colors of Hope – Speranţa build a palette specific to her open character, full of life and hope. This overwellming well being is offered through her art to the people who sorounds with joy her art, because the main sign of the exhibition is the one of true value. ”

Dr Maria Bălăceanu

Director of the Museum of Art,
Drobeta Turnu Severin

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