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UAP | November 28, 2022

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Claudiu Victor Gheorghiu

Claudiu Victor Gheorghiu
Nistor Laurențiu
Claudiu Victor Gheorghiu
Claudiu Victor Gheorghiu
Adresa: Str. Soldat NICULAE SEBE nr. 1, bl. W 2, sc. A, et.2, ap. 12, Sector 3, BUCUREȘTI – România
Tel: +40729.096198
sf ap ev luca cu scene
SF. APOSTOL SI EVANGHELIST LUCA CU SCENE DIN VIATA SA, Dimensiuni: 25×20 cm, Tehnica: tempera pe lemn,
PREMIUL SPECIAL AL CRITICII, Palermo, Italia, decembrie 2006

Prezentare Demers Artistic


“…What it’s important for the icons, apart from technical skills, Claudiu Victor Gheorghiu has accumulated knowledge of theology, dogma, church history and over these contributions came with the third quality essential to the icons: the love with which he approached of them, so these paintings turns in the icons, into real windows through which we, the believers, we approach near the Savior , near of the DIVINITY …about the way in which he paints, it is noticeable accuracy, the respect of the canons, which means both composition and color, also decoration. All together make a whole closer to the traditional icons, as they are transmitted through the books of the Byzantine painting(Erminii).
What stands out at the icons painted by Gheorghiu are the ample compositions, which by reduction, without losing the monumentality , he transforms them into a miniature painting, closer to the art of miniature.
Mind and knowledge give the content of the icon, each image is doubled at him with understanding, it is not a mechanical copy of that scene. And finally comes the most important thing: the heat of the soul. Without love, without DIVINITY it’s impossible to paint icons, this load divine and mystical is with Claudiu Victor Gheorghiu.”
ANA DOBJANSCHI, art historian, 7th of August 2001, at the first exhibition organized by the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania

website link:,Gheorghiu Claudiu Victor CV En