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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Fălcuţă Eugenia Sofia

Fălcuţă Eugenia Sofia
Fălcuţă Eugenia Sofia
Adresa: Str. Fabricii nr.4, Cluj Napoca – România

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„Oraşul meu”  100 x 0,70 cm, “My city”, ulei pe carton, oil on canvas

“My city”, oil on canvas, 100×70 cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

„Fălcuţă Eugenia Sofia is known to the public of Cluj through her very delicate painting works, thinly and minutely worked. She is present at different exhibitions, creation camping, proving an unusual approach to drawing for witch her vocation goes. “The Traveling Easel” – bridle by Fălcuţă Eugenia Sofia seems to prefer now the spaces and the perspectives of a town as the old Cluj-Napoca, having walls that are touched by time, having the skies connected by wires and cables, having passers without faces, lonely or in allot of shadows. The shadows of ordinary blocks of flats, that are framing much modest buildings, having illuminated roofs, leafless trees with branches that are talking about the defeats in the peoples life, frontal perspective of some buildings with witch we are so accustomed, that we recognize them without having the need for more details… the sky with layers of clouds, the unique stair to exit the labyrinth of houses and smallness of life. Although, the color, submitted to the drawing line has a golden transparency, such as the November morning, pierce through by the natural light, with easy blue, transparent shadows, blinding the eyes.”
Margareta Catrinu in the „Cuvânt ortodox”
(“The Orthodox Word”)

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