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UAP | September 29, 2022

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Geană Cătălin

Nistor Laurențiu
Geană Cătălin
Adresa: Aleea Valea Siretului nr. 1, bl. P2, sc. G, ap. 123, sector 6 – Bucureşti – România
Tel: +40724.161.801
e-mail: catalin1geana@gmail.com

Intâlnire-Encounter - bronz-hot cast bronze - 60x30x60 cm


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Cătălin’s bronzes feel overwhelmingly strong, as if they come from a long lost, mysterious world, from across the unknown seas, from across time. Cătălin is a truly European artist, inspired but departed from the modernist breath of Brancusi. He seems possessed by an infinitely black magic originated in the Ancient World of the Aztecs. He creates portraits and masks found in postures vibrating with mystery and magic. Watching with the eyes of your mind you have the feeling you’re walkingthrough dark temples and pyramids, lit up only by the power of his bronzes.
Liviu Tudor Samuilă, art critic

website link artmajeur.com/catalingeana