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UAP | May 17, 2022

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Herman Ioan

Herman Ioan
Herman Ioan
Adresa: Bld. Iuliu Maniu, Bl. 1B, Ap7, Deva, Romania
Tel: +40766326065


“Arcade/Arcades- ulei/pânză – oil/canvas – 100×70 cm.”ulei pe panza 60X80cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Ioan Herman is an artist passionate about all the things that are linked to nature’s geometric structures, and about the secret and invisible geometry that the artist is revealing to us. He is a seeker in the invisible, in the secret of world and life, and of matter and soul. Using skillfully symbols like the triangle with its mistical signs, but also symbols like the sphere and the diamond, Ioan Herman is initiating us into a geometric abstractionism that is the most defining for his work in these last years of his creation. The message his works of art are sending is that he is a “ researcher in micro and macro cosmos”, in the midlle being the artist who is searching and highlighting the divine geometry that becomes visible in the paintings of Ioan Herman….

Radu Ciobanu-scriitor, 2005


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