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UAP | July 7, 2022

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Hominiuc Dinu

dinu huminiuc
Hominiuc Dinu
Adresa: Aleea Viforului, 14, Piatra Neamț – România
Tel: +40233221497, +40724153400

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Țâța Metafizică (Metaphysical Tit), 50cmx70cm tușhartie

Metaphysical Tit -50cmx70cm- ink paper

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Dinu Huminiuc, active and homogeneous, interested by the signs of passage in a linguistic context, probes the spaces of a chthonian universe. His signs, even if defining a tangible fragment, signal his dynamic vocation revelatory of living a long line of lives, the life of the entire species. The Far-Eastern and Egyptian lessons can be descried in the expressive value of the ‘quasi figurative packaging’ through some sort of counterpoint rule — the expressive energy specific to each sign of the ‘imagistic text.’

The ludic dynamism is ordered in a non-specious growth of symbolic communication. The artist vibrates the tonal mark of the adjacencies, centers through compensated obliques, human- or animal-lifes, in a barbaric mix of vitality and sensuality.”

(Traian Mocanu, 1997)

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