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UAP | August 17, 2022

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Irimescu Remus

Remus Irimescu
Irimescu Remus
Adresa: Str. Alexandru Golescu, nr. 16, ap. 1, Timişoara, Timiș – România
Tel: +40722.335.046

web: ,

Prag , Passage, 49x23x20 cm, Lemn nuc + bronz, Walnut + bronze

Passage-Walnut-bronze, 49x23x20-cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

(…) “severe introduction of monumental signs (regardless of size), quoting or only referring to geometrical symbolically and inaccurately, or elliptical, or polyhedral forms of pyramids, abstracting a native living element, a tree trunk turned into object and underlay of some graphic signs that are incised or embossed on the “architectural” sign surface.
The artist Remus Irimescu has a laconic language, without getting stuck in the rigid geometry of a purely formal abstraction. The symbolic background of his approach to abstraction and the overlapping of an action to remove the analytic ornamental, representative supplements of the biologic functional form, that reduces the trunk to a strongly expressive sign in space, by reduction to the mark the circles, triangles and squares offer the key to this typology of abstraction.”
(Prof. Univ. Dr. Alexandra Titu)

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