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UAP | July 3, 2022

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Levente Albert

Albert Levente
Levente Albert
Adresa: Sf. Gheorghe, Jud. Covasna – România
Tel: +40

web: ,

Armata de rugina,grafica,instalatie)8 graf.40x180 cm,in.350x200x80

Armata-de-rugina grafica instalatie -graf.40×180-cmin.350x200x80

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Levente Albert`s main profession is photography he choses from its repertoire one of his techniqe of this image creating method the spots resulting from the ineraction between the light-sensitive,large-sized photographicpaper and the reactants the developer,the fixer,shape the surface either with a decoratively map-like,or wth an expressive discursiveness.This “groundwork” is enriched,according to the artist`s ideas,with collage,monotype,black and white and coloured imprint,manual impression.He often shows the peculiarities of the creatives process with a penetraring force is inner drive its restless tension release a search the inspiration is in search for material and form in order to get shape to get materialized in front of our eyes.Besides the themes realized in the image plane of his art of a disquieting tone Finding,Sleepers,Nail-man,Dust painting ,Closeups,installations are continously present in Albert`sart”
Mihály Vargha,fine artist,from the Catalogue Rust Troop ,2011

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