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UAP | September 30, 2022

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Dimitrescu Marta

Dimitrescu Marta
Nistor Laurențiu
Marta Dimitrescu
Adresa: Suedia
Tel: + 44 77 9517 4805

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Marta Dimitrescu’s collages consist of photographs, drawings, and scraps of paper of different shapes, accumulated in a chaotic manner. With a risk of confusing or boring the viewer, Marta Dimitrescu boldly experiments with colors, structure, and design. Still, the artist manages to consciously add all the pieces together -emphasizing some elements, while partially hiding others – and give them a meaningful concept.

The composition of Dimitrescu’s work is the artist’s construction of the reality we live in. Marta Dimitrescu uses her inspiration and imagination to respond to environmental degradation, which is a tremendous concern today. The artist seeks to awake our human senses. Her collages, suffused with metaphors, intend to challenge our perception of reality and happiness. The artist’s work leads the viewer through a serious of small images that evolve into a larger picture with a deeper meaning. The result is a fresh and clever art with an inspiring idea behind it.

Marta Dimitrescu’s art serves as a warning, it screams, “People wake up! Conserve our natural resources! Save the planet!” The transformation of the dark and gloomy warning into a visual form is done in an unusual way, combining pieces of information with a touch of wit and beauty. Our ability to consume has become a form of power. We live in consumerism world. And the scale of globalization has expanded to such a vast degree that it now affects the entire Earth and population.

The consequences of our actions cannot be tracked, yet, the facts are present – about two-thirds of the world’s resources are being used up. Our planet suffers. Marta Dimitrescu is an artist who has found her own peculiar language that allows her to express her worries and raise awareness of this issue through contemporary art.

(Doneliya Deneva, Georgetown University Washington, D.C. USA)

website link: www.artoteque.com