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UAP | September 29, 2022

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Márton Árpád

Nistor Laurențiu
Adresa: Miercurea – Ciuc – România

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Prezentare Demers Artistic

Ărpad Márton’s 65th Anniversary
In: Observatorium cultural, Year 1, No. 1 – 2005 p.9 by Nicolae Bucur

In the afternoon of October 14th of the current year in the Kriterion House in Miercurea-Ciuc family members, colleagues and friends, young and old are meeting to celebrate the famous artist, Arpad Marton, who, on 6th October, reached 65 years.
The journalist Ferenc Szekedi praised the life and work of this painter along with the writer, Geza Domokos, who awarded the diploma of honor and merit from the Kriterion Foundation. In the name of the birthplace of the celebrated painter they were joined by Istvan Gyorgy, the Mayor of Joseni, and the painter J6zsefBalâzs, in their praises.
Being present in daily life with his verve and active temperament, even at times volcanic, attentive observer of the tumult of the many, but also of the masters of the arts, with a refined meditative spirit, talented educator, the artist Arpad Marton retains that personal burning enthusiasm for the troubled ideas and their implementation in the tone from which we comprehend: the movement, the living, the love, the kindness, and often the sadness. The title of an older work, “The Sadness of the Peasantry” is a quiet meditation wearing the conquering features of the simplicity of the peasant, supported by strong arms. The characters, people full of thoughts and deeds, caught in rustic frames and sculpturally designed, geometrical – as if carved in stone or spread on a fresco ­breathing a lot of vigor, sobriety, tenderness seeming to emanate from a Transylvanian novel (e.g. The Sons of the Earth; The woman, the trough and the bread; The thirst; Uncle Istvan; Thoughts; Toward., evening; Contemplation).
There, where the painter wants peace, plenty and rest, the houses guard the wealth of the whiteness of the winter, the forest covered by snow is as clear as the soul of a good
roan, the 5yrobol of gentleness and peace. Where debate i8 wanted, anxiety, nostalgia,
meditation, the theme is concentrated on a dense plastic space, a lining combined with
serious color tones, the compositions rounded off in impressive harmonies and moods .
An Artist of a world filled with a deep philosophy of reality, Arpad Matron, above all, remained true to his peers and friends, and remained honest and open to his own art. This is the most disturbing truth which he gives us even at this anniversary.

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