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UAP | August 11, 2022

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Radovan Ciprian

Radovan Ciprian
Radovan Ciprian
Radovan Ciprian
Adresa: Str. Romulus Nr. 9, Ap. 1, Timişoara – România
Tel: +40356.425.456, +40720.277.855

Reverii Transornamentale, 100 x 100 cm, acrilic pe panza, Transornamental Reveries, 100 x 100 cm, acril on canvas


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“The evolution of Ciprian Radovan’s creative work – an artist mainly attached to the region of Banat – has constructed itself based on his unique inner structure, inclined towards daydreaming and affection, on certain style variations and themes that seem to periodically return in his paintings. A thirst for dreaming and the abundance of an abstract-decorative vision have been the hallmark of his works, the artist managing to have developed his own path within the local and national art, often against the general artistic current, against the trends and models of a certain time period.

Regardless of the themes explored in his paintings, the artist has consistently achieved a certain kind of autonomy of the visual symbol, which in time became abstract; by means of repeating and aggregating such symbols, which remind one of a horror vacui structure, he managed to create an affective space in which he immerses his viewers. For this affectivity seems to be the outline of his entire construction; it is based on a pacifist, unifying New Age attitude (as confessed by the artist himself).

Ciprian Radovan’s most recent exhibition ‘Transornamental’ (Timişoara, June 2012) authorised an interpretation of transgression of the ornament, of the visual symbol that became autonomous, to reach a space of free proliferation…born from the confessed desire to communicate with the viewer empathetically…”

Ileana Pintilie, art critic, Orizont, No. 7, 2012

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