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UAP | August 10, 2022

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Șusnea Valeriu

Șusnea Valeriu
Adresa: B-dul N.Balcescu, bl.Crinul Alb, mezanin, Buzău – România
Tel: +40338.104.042, +40744.334.497

Basm-Fairytale - ulei-pânză - oil-canvas - 70-50 cm. x 2


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Outgrowing the phase of figurative compositions with religious influences, defined by a pessimism that obsessively controled the ethereal, Valeriu Şuşnea’s painting aims now to loosen the protective layers of life, and thus to reduce the burden of the archaic strains.
The means the initiatory journey, which is actually a true passage with pencil and brush through the history of drawing and painting. His paintings reveal a complex cultural information, filtered through a lens (‘mirror’, as the author would call it) with expressionist iridescences. It is the stage of settling towards the ‘sign’ and the ‘symbol’: baroque combinations of bizarre and whimsical elements, miniature zoomorphic figures with an oriental flavor or microcosm objects, recalling St. Girolamo’s study room, are intertwined with Renaissance scenes of the human body and subtle allusions to a surrealism of fine quality. The oil painting technique and the mixed graphic techniques support this novel approach, connected to reality by a genuine Hegelian triad: mirror-sign-symbol. The metaphysical air of the gestures, the ritual solemnity, the finesse of the color touches, the rigorous sense of space – all revealing a surprising universe. And the viewer of Valeriu Şuşnea’s works created a series of narratives, far from realism, but close to a cultural sui generis post-modernism, in which everyone can live and acknowledge their own story.

Prof. Dr. George Tararara

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