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UAP | August 11, 2022

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Zaharescu Mircea Florian

Zaharescu Mircea Florian
Zaharescu Mircea Florian
Adresa: Str.Dr.Kock nr 2/2, Roman – România
Tel: +40233.733.381, +40766.363.466

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Prezentare Demers Artistic

Ardent crearive spirit , especially dedicated to art sculpture , but also to the related arts ,Florin Zaharescu has the intellectual mobility  and the tools of direct expression , to cover a wide range of requirement froom public monuments with  historical rezonance , madonnas and saints of the catholic cathedrals . He has drawing and modelling for graphics and the painting technique is not stranger to him . The intellectual dimension of the artist is revealed in the conception of the sculptural volumes recordet dynamically in the public space . Some of them memorable , were integrated into the urban space , as if some representative signs for the history and spirituality of those places . Roman Voda and Miron Costin , angular treated  sculptures , even severe , on the one hand suggest the dimension of a voivode’s founder , and on the other hand , they suggest cruel assassination in Roman of the scholar columnist . Florin Zaharescu makes from the dimension of the his intellectuality the supplement necessary fro his symbolic elaborations and the premises fro the openings towards the horizons of a modernity which often meets tradition … Critic de arta Valentin Ciuca .

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