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UAP | May 27, 2022

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Zărnescu Gheorghe

Zărnescu Gheorghe
Adresa: Str. Energiei,Bl.34,Sc.D.,Ap.14 – Bacău – România
Tel: +40234/362389, +40742098744

Pătrate in spaţiu - Squares in space - metal - 538 x 3.5 m..

Squares in space – metal – 538 x 3.5 m..

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Gheorghe Zarnescu is one of the artists always interested in investigating new possibilities, different from the previous ones, of the artistic act. His nomadism, at the both linguistic and theme levels, is not concerned, as one might expect, with the territories of shape, matter and volume, and, implicitly, of space, in the traditional manner of a sculptor. Of course, all these levels are involved, but mediated by the poetics and the concreteness that is associated to the contemporary art by the “ready-made”and closeness. He has reached a purge of the plastic shape, minimalistic in expression, but covering a symbolic core, hence explicitly foreign in intention to the minimalist programme. The sculptor has left-for a while-this path, in order to enter a relationship of critical commentary with the neodadaist modalities intensely commented in the Romanian space and in the area of Bacau, in the programmes of reevaluation of the contribution of Tristan Tzara, and of the intellectual group around him. Of course, the interest of the sculptor in the technique of bypassing the signification through irony, oxymoron, breaking of the functionality of the word or the ikon, is not an immediate reflex of extending this environment, but the wealth of tones of the radical phenomenon of avant-garde/neo-avant-garde, many times quenched in this radicalism, had contributed to the choice of this circle of phenomena and the game of the sculptor with the formal patrimony of objects disconnected from their original functionality sustained his major interest in manipulating the meanings. The fascination for the techniques specific to the literary language, close to the mutant, expanding universe of the image, the fascination for the the semantic game supported also by a provoking semiologic game, offered his enterprise opportunities that are more and more fascinating.

Alexandra Titu -,,From signaleticto significant”- fragment

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