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UAP | August 17, 2022

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Boeți Radu Natalița

Natalita Boeti Radu
Boeți Radu Natalița
Adresa: Str. Ceahlăului, Nr.2, Bl.12. Sc. A, Lugoj, Timiș – România
Tel: +40728.688.827

Natalita Boeti, constelatii, tehnica mixta, dim- 1,85-1,20m


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Faculty of Arts Timisoara, masters and PhD in the field of scientific and decorative arts, teacher of over 35 years, I have guided many generations of children, thus ensuring continuity of development talent in the visual arts. I have a rich activity participate in national and international exhibitions, mixed media approach a beautiful rhythmic and balanced. The materials we use are natural flax and hemp rope, she is to me the direct link with the surrounding nature, hemp transmit light and heat simultaneously. Symbols of particular concern me is, circle, spiral, wheel furrow works are imbued with cutouts, shaped window fragments circle, crescent, crescent etc. Execute mural tapestry of strings, knots and braids, embroidery, miniatures, textiles object, work is done in several steps that require time, patience, perseverance, thoroughness, ingenuity, curiosity and hard work. Organize, roundtables, workshops, exhibitions and exhibitions to promote national art, inter-county, district, actively participate in the arts.

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