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UAP | August 9, 2022

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Furtea Niculescu Maria

Furtea Niculescu Maria
Adresa: Str. Ciutaci Nr.255 Domneşti Ilfov – România
Tel: +40217.252.700, +40744.662.700

Harpa-The harp- ulei-pânză - oil-canvas 100x100 cm.

The harp – oil-canvas 100×100 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

My art was born from the admiration I had for the art of painter
Pierre Bonnard , Edouard Vuillard and for the Art 1900 named “Art Nouveau”. It was the result of meeting in my perception of the two art movements: the one of “Nabis” group and the other of Art Nouveau.
In this spirit it was born the project “The childhood” witch was finished with 12 paintings of large dimensions with characters children, joint in one exhibition in may 2007.
In my work I approach subjects of abstract painting with the same
interest witch I painted life still , landscapes , nudes ,portraits and decorations. For decoration paintings I made rose gardens, blooming trees
(magnolia , lilac), flowered fields and forests in the Art Nouveau and Nabis stile.
In the last period I am fascinate of the abstract painting and I try divisionism theory in abstract, optic and chromatic being old preoccupations of mine and for this reason the next two projects are in the
pointillist style: the subject of “The sea” with 4 big dimensions paintings and the project “Signs and symbols” composed by 12 signs-paintings on witch I’m working in present

Maria Niculescu – Furtea

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