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UAP | July 6, 2022

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Nicodim Sorin

Sorin Nicodim
Nicodim Sorin
Adresa: Str. Petre Ispirescu, bl. T9, sc. A, et. 4, ap. 17, Timişoara – România
Tel: +40

,,  Marele fluture ,,  dimensiuni  2,46 cm. x  1,24 cm. , tehnica acrylicpanza ,,  The Great Butterfly ,, 2,46 x 1,24 cm. , acrylic on canv

The-Great-Butterfly-246×124 cm.-acrylic-on-canvas

Prezentare Demers Artistic

,,… The distinctive touch of  Sorin Nicodim’ s explorations in ,say , post-abstract manner , consists in the rapport between form and content , between ,,pure ,, painting and representation . The return to ,,motif,, does not mean that
Sorin Nicodim revisits deliberately , be it warily , the canons of the figurative . The painter always observes a ,,right
mediation ,, between the illusion of painting and its reality .,,

Mihai Ispir  , historic and art critic .
Translation: Alina – Andreea Dragoescu

,,…. For SORIN NICODIM , of all his generation’s  fellows , has a propensity to wards that certain dimension of transparence belonging to certain symbols,to a nature but also to a culture which are intriguing through their mystery,
in the universal life chain ,originally reflected by an artistic consciousness which is mobile , creative and resourceful ,
while also remaining true to a lyric temperament not excessively expansive , but tranquil and tender . The nobleness of
NICODIM’s  painting dwells in the intellectualizing penchant , in organizing it into plastic concepts and meditations ,
which is does not spoil the poetics of the artworks .,,

Ion Ariesanu ,  writer
Translation : Alina – Andreea Dragoescu

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